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Pieskowa Skala Castle - the extraordinary background.
Pieskowa Skala CastleThis unique attraction lies inside a lush valley. It's very close to Krakow – you will make it within half an hour by car. Its historical tradition is just fascinating and draws the attention of everyone to the place.

It used to stand for one of the ‘Eagles Nests’ that was to guard the area. It’s very aged as it has its roots in fourteen century but despite numerous changes over the time its gorgeous construction is kept up till present.

Outside you will observe a noble entrance and patio. In the interiors you can view an fascinating exposition and art gallery. It goes through many time periods, from medieval times until Baroque era. Come and enjoy this magnificent setting in Pieskowa Skala Castle.

Krakow salt mine – Let’s take a walk under the ground.
wieliczka salt mine near krakowThe famous visitor track in Wieliczka Salt Mine is without doubt the well-organized tract for tourists who are willing to observe the past of Polish excavation industry. Although the lenght of the entire Wieliczka mine is around 300 kilometers, visitors are usually shown around 3,5 km of varying, interesting sections as well as interiors inwards 65-135 meters subsurface.

What you will experience is to go through more or less 3,5 kilometers 65-135 subsurface watching spectacular mining surroundings. These are large chambers, unusual underground lakes, noteworthy appliance as well as machine and so on. Large, impressive sculptures and rock salt bas-reliefs make up the other familiar image in the Wieliczka mine.

By the end of the route you will stay in the complex of chambers where you may get various unforgettable tokens. It's worth to mention that, it is advisable for the allergy sufferers and respiratory tract sufferers to stay and breathe the therapeutic, salt air. Come in and tour along this unique attraction underground!

Collections of Auschwitz museum: the remembrance of day-after-day routine in the camp
concentration camp auschwitzAs you get to the huge past concentration camp in Auschwitz museum you would be shown mass of traces of the difficult suffering having occured there. They all tell the tragic record of surviving and also distress in the concentration camp.

What you may expect to view in the demonstration are among others a good deal of individual belonging of the convicts which were gathered and saved afterwards the execution such like spectacles, combs, cases and so on. The collection also illustrates the deportees' trials to preserve their original traits despite the hard to imagine tough and inhumane treatment they had to exist in.

You will find it in the pieces of writing, paintings and a good deal of different creative hints. Many personal devices of SS group are also presented in the exposition. Let’s get to this collection in the Auschwitz-Birkenau and get a deeper perception of the cruelty of life inside the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

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Auschwitz extermination camp- the testimonial of Nazi holocaust.
AuschwitzThis exhibits archive settled in Malopolska region, in the Oświęcim town, creates the fine commemoration where you would discover the German concentration camps Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II - Birkenau. The difficult history of the murders carried out in Auschwitz in the course of World Word the 2nd is commemorated in the museum. Opened in fourties, the exhibition is situated in several important sections. The total area is placed on the 191m wide ground.

Visitors are shown genuine structures, along with the famous railway ramp and the barrier, but also with many unique entities needed in casual being by those who suffered there for example combs, pieces of dresses and so on.

Presently, the museum displays the all year exhibit along with the temporary ones memorizing the lives of those who were murdered in Auschwitz and were coming from different countries. The Auschwitz Birkenau extermination camps is accessed by clusters of visitors systematically each season.

Katowice international airport
katowice airport Katowice Pyrzowice regional airport is 3rd in the countrywhen taking into account general amount of users. This airport is situated about thirty km from Katowice, close to the town named Pyrzowice. 3,6 million users per year are able to use 2 terminals. In 2003 Katowice’s airport became a business partner of the inexpensive airlines. Since this time, the significant growth in the amount of flights can be noticed.

It should be also mentioned that Katowice’s airport is the quickest expanding airport in Poland and has got the biggest amount of charter flights in Poland. The most connections are dominated by the Hungarian company – Wizz Air. Local company’s are trying to increase the standard of its connections by providing Katowice airport transfers to other cities in the country.

A direct connection between Katowice and Pyrzowice is definitely the most important improvement.A 24km railway is without any doubts going to be a positive solution for the problem of transport in the South Poland.

Introduction to Balice airport
airport krakowKrakow Airport im. Jana Pawla II – that’s the formal name of the airport in Balice. This international airport is situated approx. eleven km from the Krakow’s centre. At the moment it is managed by the company named Miadzynarodowy Port Lotniczy im. Jana Pawła II Krakow - Balice sp. z o.o.

In terms of the total number of people and connections it’s the second biggest airport in the country, only behind the one in Warsaw. The perspectives for the airport looks definitely promising. It is not only situated on the very active communication route in central part of the continent but also about eight mln people stay 100km from the airport. Large number transportation service providers that organize Krakow airport shuttle makes airport especially easy to travel.

The airport will definitely expand within next 20 years. The previous prognoses were claiming that Balice will improve from 3,5 million passengers in 2015, to 6,5 million ten years later. Right now it is obvious that these prognoses are insufficient since the rate of the progress is much quicker.

Feast your eyes on the crystalline glamour of Crystal caves reserve in Wieliczka Salt Mine.
salt mine in wieliczkaThe original Polish subterranean reservation was settled in Wieliczka Salt Mine which belongs to one of the finest European mines. This unique exhibition is situated 70-114 meters below the ground-surface. The beautiful collection is specially valuable for the characteristic items of crystals of halite.

Their big surface and stunning visual aspect will without any doubt fulfill anyone’s taste. Tourists are welcome to besides discover and admire different pieces of salt crystals which are rigorously protected owing to their great worth and rarity. Don't forget to come across the Crystal Caves Nature Reserve while travelling to the Wieliczka Salt Mine – you wouldn’t regret it!

For those who are going to see this attraction the easiest way are individually realized Wieliczka Salt Mine tours.

Fascinating sightseeing in Wieliczka mine.
wieliczka toursEvery year the mine is visited by even more than thousands of tourists. The visitors attracting salt mine is placed at the depth of 327 meters and its undergrounds halls reach over 300 km long. Although the mine’s tracks are so long, tourists have occasion to pass a 3,5 km route, where there are many interesting antique statues and mythical objects.

One of the greatest attraction of that spot is an astonishing room that is a result of miners’ work. A beautiful chandelier hanging up the wall rivets everybody’s attention because of the fact that it is created from rock salt that has great, glass-like appearance. During the guided Wieliczka Salt Mine tour visitors have also chance to enter the room where the walls were cut by miners to look like wood, admire the display relevant to the history of Wieliczka and admire an subterranean lake.

It is crucial to mention that present-day visitors to Wieliczka Salt Mine can pass the track that was ranged in the past by many popular men including Bolesław Prus (who, by the way, was inspired there to write the Labyrinth scenes from his famous historical book ‘Pharaoh’), J.G. Goethe, Nicolaus Copernicus, John Paulus II, Bill Clinton and Ignacy Paderewski.

Fly to Krakow
airport krakow Krakow Balice and Katowice Pyrzowice are two of the most significant airports in Poland.
Just Wroclaw, Gdansk, and definitely Warsaw are more important.

Several huge international airline companies work on Balice and Katowice airport. Ryan Air, with its massive number of connections between Krakow and other places, is the most significant company. People appreciate the inexpensive connections with the United Kingdom since loads of Polish people live there.

Widely suggested are inexpensive connections with Birmingham or Liverpool. From time to time you can get a very surprising bargain – return ticket for just 100zl. However, it is important to say, that the airport has got a great rival – Katowice Pyrzowice. These airports are well getatable for everyone it is critical to remark that commonly people decidedly are preffering individual Krakow airport transfers for method to get there.

Therefore, it is right to say that both Krakow Balice and Katowice Pyrzowice airports have a very promising future. Both of them are having very promising chances to be the highly significant airports for all the people in this part of Europe. Thus, in my opinion, Krakow Balice and Katowice Pyrzowice are a good choice for all passengers interested in international and regional flights.

The Wieliczka salt mine called historic symbol of Polish economy.
salt mine wieliczkaIt is a crucial area of heritage to several generations of miners and their households.
It is noteworthy, that Wieliczka Salt Mine has a huge contribution to the evolution of national economy. What is more – Wieliczka is described as the oldest Polish brand. Not everyone is familiar with the fact that Wieliczka is a first manufacture that has tagged their manufacture with a label. Miners place the trademark on the most white, clear as crystal table salt which was designed for the kings. The barrels, where the salt was stored, were marked with the symbol of the Royal Eagle. The ancient coat of arms is still in use what gives evidence of rich tradition, quality and infallibility of Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Standing for a symbol of tradition and national polish economy, Wieliczka Salt Mine is without doubt one of the most perfect evidence of country’s national pride. Even though most people associate that place with a chiefly tourist object, it is essential to mention, that Wieliczka is treated also as a patron of artistic activities. Astonishing subterranean infrastructure is a host to various cultural incidents such as displays and music performances. Last but not least, most popular Polish salt mine is also a structure where everyone have possibility to become acquainted with all the phases of extraction development.

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